5 Brain Teasers for Adults

Get ready, your brain is about to embark on a vigorous exercise. The brain teasers for adults you are about to read and find solutions for may take more than average thinking to solve them. Some are mathematical, some dictate that you put your general knowledge into practice, others are funny and some will put your level of creativity to test. To help build your brain muscles, we will start with the questions and provide the answers later on.

The Questions

These questions are designed to ensure that you put your thinking cap on. They may not be as hard, but you will have to delve deeper into details for you to come up with the answers. In other words you have to read between the lines to come up with sensible answers. Here they are.

brain teasers for adults

brain teasers for adults

1. You are standing adjacent to three switches, and one thing you are sure of is that these switches have matching bulbs placed behind a closed door. The door is tightly locked and there is no possibility of opening it so you are not one hundred percent sure that there are any bulbs on the other side or not and indeed they are there, what is the sequence of arrangement. Suddenly all the switches are in the off position.

You are given a chance to do anything you please with the switches and open the door into the room after you are done. When you finally get into the room, you have to correctly match the switch and the corresponding bulb. How will you do that?

2. Can you subdivide a cake into eight pieces by cutting it thrice?

3. A peasant farmer toured the farmer’s market to sell his corn. Because he had only one sack at his disposal, he decided to put barley into one half of the sack, tied the middle part and filled the other half with wheat.

At the market, he met a buyer who wanted to buy the barley which was the sack’s bottom. Coincidentally, the buyer had one sack and did not want to exchange sacks because his sack was bigger and relatively new. How did the farmer and the buyer get the barley from one sack to the other without having to pour the grain somewhere else?

4. There is this incredibly valuable email that you want to send to your friend. The box you want to use for sending the item can accommodate a number of padlocks, but the problem is that you don’t have duplicate keys to the padlocks. You only have one key and padlock and so is your friend.

How will you send this valuable item with the box locked without giving anybody the key? Remember that sending the box with only one padlock and key increases the chances of the key being duplicated before it reaches the designated owner.

5. Moving on with brain teasers for adults. You are given a total of nine coins, all looking the same but one weighs less and is the fake one. You are allowed to use the arm balance to single out the fake coin. How do you find determine the fake coin by weighing two coins?

The Answers

How many of these brain teasers for adults were you able to solve? If you had a hard time trying to figure out what could be the possible answers, relax, you may not be alone. Here are the solutions and you may surprised to find out what the answers are.

1. You will have to turn on the switch and wait for a couple of minutes. Go ahead and turn off the first switch then turn on the second. Enter the room. By the time you get into the room, one bulb is shining, the second bulb is relatively hot and nothing has happened to the third one. That way you will match each switch with the corresponding bulb.

2. Start by cutting the cake into four parts by using two cuts only. Proceed to cut the cake horizontally and you have your eight pieces in three cuts only!

3. The two individuals start by putting the wheat into the buyer’s sack. They then went ahead and tied the sack before turning it inside out. After that, they pour in the barley. To complete the exchange, they untied the half with the wheat and poured it back the initial sack that the farmer came with.

4. Start by locking the item securely in the box and send it to the designated recipient. Once he has received it, let him add his padlock on the box before sending it back to you again. Upon receiving the box, take off your padlock and send the box to your friend once more. Since he has the keys on his end, he will now remove his padlock thereby opening the box, ensuring that the treasure gets to the rightful owner safely.

5.To figure out which coin is the fake one, start by collecting three coins on the left, three on the right and the remaining three on the side. When you have divided the coins that way, there can only be three probable results. The right side goes down, or the left side goes down or the scales stay balanced. This will help you know which coin is the fake one within the three coins in each group. When you have three coins, you will have the one the left, one on the right and one on the side. Given that two these coins are equal in weight, the coin on the side is the fake one.

Your brain muscles, just like any other muscles in the body need to be exercised at a constant basis to keep their functionality at its optimum. It is only through such brain teasers for adults that you can ensure rapid development of your brain cells. When you mind is alert, you stand a better chance of solving real life problems in a more rational manner. The more you solve such puzzles the better your mind becomes. Seek to move from simple puzzles to harder ones as you become used to it.